Friday, 6 May 2011

New Yorkers

New Yorkers

The world looked on in disbelief
And watched two towers fall.
Then watched New Yorkers rise up
Responding to the call.
The task that they were facing
Would put them to the test.
But they soldiered on regardless,
America's best.

They never flinched despite their grief
For friends and family killed.
The dangers faced and then erased
From minds of metal will.
The nation watched in wonder
Their pride was rising fast  
Their self belief cemented by
America's best    

The tragedy of lives destroyed
In such an evil way
Creates a wound thats hard to heal
In any normal way.
But let us look for comfort
And relief from our distress,
By learning what true strength is ,from,
 America's best

David Shelton


  1. I love the title, my step-brother is a police officer he was helping with the rescue efforts. This is lovely tribute to those brave people

  2. o! yes they are/were RIP to the brave ones. I was there...I remember :(

  3. sad,
    well put.

    I knew this one well, a job well done.