Monday, 23 May 2011

Eireann go Brea

Eireann go brea.

Well now we're truly broke,the party's done.
And those who had great riches now have none.
And those who dreamed the dream can only weep,
And slosh around in debt a fathom deep.

Our discourse laden down with gloom and strife.
The doom so thick you'd cut it with a knife.
Zombie banks are feeding on our flesh,
Insatiable, each day they start a fresh.

The great and good have many things to hide
The old,the poor,the sick are cast aside.
Corrupted by their greed our leaders lie,
Transfixed we watch our childern's futures die.

We'll whinge ourselves to death but never act,
As former friends devise some new attack.
The Irish lemmings racing to the cliff,
The cute hoors holding back to bag a spiff.

And experts chart another good way out.
Some say head for north,some say south.
Despondency is giving way to dread,
Our self regard is hanging from a thread.

If talk could cure our ills we'd never ail.
The only thing we've learned is how to fail.
Debate won't cut the mustard any more,

It's time to take a stand

It's time to roar,

david shelton
May 2011


  1. I love this poem David it's brilliant

  2. powerful truth in here. great write, roarrr :)

  3. sad, powerfully expressed.

  4. Right on target, sadly. Good write.

  5. Fantastic it is if ever time to take action

  6. As I was reading your wonderful poem, I was thinking about a quote. I'm not quite certain how it reads. However, it states that there are those who dare to dream and those who dare to do. I feel this poem is really a poem for all time. Well done!