Monday, 23 May 2011

Eireann go Brea

Eireann go brea.

Well now we're truly broke,the party's done.
And those who had great riches now have none.
And those who dreamed the dream can only weep,
And slosh around in debt a fathom deep.

Our discourse laden down with gloom and strife.
The doom so thick you'd cut it with a knife.
Zombie banks are feeding on our flesh,
Insatiable, each day they start a fresh.

The great and good have many things to hide
The old,the poor,the sick are cast aside.
Corrupted by their greed our leaders lie,
Transfixed we watch our childern's futures die.

We'll whinge ourselves to death but never act,
As former friends devise some new attack.
The Irish lemmings racing to the cliff,
The cute hoors holding back to bag a spiff.

And experts chart another good way out.
Some say head for north,some say south.
Despondency is giving way to dread,
Our self regard is hanging from a thread.

If talk could cure our ills we'd never ail.
The only thing we've learned is how to fail.
Debate won't cut the mustard any more,

It's time to take a stand

It's time to roar,

david shelton
May 2011

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Walking in Daisy Fields

Walking in Daisy Fields.

Countless daisies shooting up,
Interspersed with buttercup.
A blanket white with yellow speck.
My footfall crush the tender neck
Of fragile life that strives to grow
Despite adversity unknown.
Yet they prosper where they are
Each single one no other knows.
Nor speak, nor see, nor hear,
But touch in gentle breeze
That often blow.
What message sent or tussle settled
At each caress of tiny petal.
Order rules this mass display.
A short time here then gone away.

David Shelton.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011



Total of your last bill
Payments made since then
Balance carried forward

(heart attack again)

Recurring charges added
Add arrears to this
Total due on this bill

(suicide is bliss)

Payment due by 13th.
Credit card or cheque
Bank or the post office

(total nervous wreck)

Freefone for assistance
Pay or service cut
Thank you for your custom

(maniacal nut)

david shelton

Sunday, 8 May 2011



I’m a racist.
It’s the colour of your skin
It’s your home I’ve never seen
It’s the language that you speak
It’s the freedom that you seek
It’s a culture that is new

I’m superior to you

It’s your pain I cannot see
You’re not welcome here with me
It’s the fear I hold inside
It’s my ignorance and pride
I’m not tolerant of change
To my prejudice I’m chained

I’m a racist

To the world my gift will be
A hatefull and divisive legacy.

david shelton

Friday, 6 May 2011

New Yorkers

New Yorkers

The world looked on in disbelief
And watched two towers fall.
Then watched New Yorkers rise up
Responding to the call.
The task that they were facing
Would put them to the test.
But they soldiered on regardless,
America's best.

They never flinched despite their grief
For friends and family killed.
The dangers faced and then erased
From minds of metal will.
The nation watched in wonder
Their pride was rising fast  
Their self belief cemented by
America's best    

The tragedy of lives destroyed
In such an evil way
Creates a wound thats hard to heal
In any normal way.
But let us look for comfort
And relief from our distress,
By learning what true strength is ,from,
 America's best

David Shelton