Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Oak and Daffodil

Oak and Daffodil

Spring daffodils in clusters grow
Beneath it’s low and leafy boughs.
There, sipping clear and crystal dew,
In shaded light of yellow glow.

Both sharing earth with silent grace.
So natures goodness is endowed.
And morning breezes rise anew
To soothe and cool this gentle place.

Mossy green in shaded hollow.
Rising roots all knots and gnurls.
Springs new growth and old Patrician
Show the way that we might follow.

david shelton


  1. a stunning spring view comes to life, well done.
    Glad to see you in the rally.

    have fun!

  2. Both sharing earth with silent grace.
    nice line...

  3. Enjoyed reading your poem.
    Nice written.

  4. Bright and cheery poem for spring.
    I like the "sipping clear and crystal dew"...nice.

    Thanks for sharing.