Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hurt that won't heal

Does night time always draw your tears,
And darkness reawaken fears,
That slumber through the daytime light.
Then stirring with approaching night
To haunt you as they have for years.
Does nighttime always draw your tears

Does night time always bring the pain?
Will wounds this old always remain.?
A childhood crushed by one you trust,
With sinful deeds to slake a lust.
You’ll try to sleep,you’ll try in vain.
Does nighttime always bring the pain.

Now in the dark you sit alone
Your heart takes on the weight of stone.
Pale lips collect the salty tears.
How many now through all the years?
You wish again this pain was gone.
Now in the dark you sit alone.

David Shelton


  1. darkness does hurt or conveys fears.
    lovely expression.
    Thanks for linking.

  2. This is beautiful, deep, and heart-wrenching. It does seem at night left to our thoughts without the distraction of our busy work we grow more melancholy

  3. I love the night, but i am petrified of deep blackness so I related to this in my way.
    very touching and beautiful